Breakage time

Such a bad time for the past 4 week. Heard  6 different marriages ended up with broken families. All sort of reasons, all sorts of situations. however, why so fragile the relationship?

Looking around, except the neighbourhood grandpa and grandma, i can hardly find any marriage with a decency and quality. either already divorced, or at the edge of so, across cultures. In some unfortunate cases, the couples obviously experienced pains and rains together after a rather long length, however the relationship dissolved, mercifully.

What the hell is happening!.

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2 years since last update. nearly forgot the password etc…………………………….

quite interesting journey for the past 2 years, a lot insight, learning and inspirations.

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kick off the day with the XX intro

kick off the day with the XX intro

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What will your verse be?

Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys, Make your lives extraordinary.

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After 30 min play on beach, finally so t

After 30 min play on beach, finally so tired. PQ completely KO Mark.. I want home…..

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Bing it on, on what?

MS’ recent campaign of “bing it on” bring you back to the 90s of last century when search engineer was really a buzz word for everyone.  

As a late comer, and finally realised how search engineer could help their business, MS massively entered into this market, after Y2000. One major focus is the Bing. And I recon its the bigger background of this campaign.

Yep, it can be called a nice try and a good take on Google’s dominance in search market.

How ever, if we look into more details and will know this is actually just a marketing campaign rather than anything else. MS is trying to build a perception that is based on inappropriate comparison.

In essence, the experiment tell us one thing: if you type one key word respectively in bing and in google, what results will be returned, without any other information input but the key word itself. You will instantly know it is not the case in real world.

In a real world, what result to be shown and in what order depends on heaps of factors. relevance of the content to the key words, format of the content etc and etc. There might be also the user historical behaviour data involved in the scanning and filtering process before a result is popped to the user. People click video content more often in search result obviously will be feeded with more video content compared with one that is less likely to do so. And the search through a mobile device definitely need a ‘different’ result vs its desktop peers. The more ‘background’the searching engine has, the better result it can provide, should their model is really good.

So, when the comparison has been conducted in a way that eliminated all the other factors but the key word itself, it can hardly be a true reflection of what happened in real searching behaviour. It is not reliable a test result.

Then people might argue, any way, a common user might not notice it. Yes, that is it, but a common user might not change a searching engine, the one he used to, only because double people selected bing in a test vs google. For individuals, the loyalty to a searching engine relies on  heaps of factors, technology superiority is only one part of them. People used to google might not know to what degree Bing is better and nor mind the result. As long as google is fine, he might not select bing.

Also, thinking that google is building up his own eco-system of searching and stretched its coverage to content side, like youtube, blogger. This is gold mine that Bing/MS is lack of. 

And think of users, how their searching behaviour change along the journey? will social searching be another source of info or anything else? it will be an interesting topic.

It is a nice try, yet not so disruptive. I may say so.

MS shouldn’t try to build another empire, like google, to fight with google. you can’t beat a dog if compete in the ‘hunt for the duck’ game. Rather, you should play chess with him…


the original blog from bing is here@

Photo from bing blog

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Failures for Bank APPs

This is insightful article as for bank APPs.

Click Here

I would like to count into one more:

1.simple is the biggest beauty. Banks should study what the customers are expecting from the APPs. Easy and handy  monney transfer or check out the Ex rate? or find the nearest branch? To focus on the core functionalities and make a smooth consumer experience is the key issue instead of packing everything, every product and every service into one Mobile shell.

If you look into the interface of Westpac APP, you will know what I am talking about.

Kaching is much better, yet still have some space to get improved.

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