Better and integrated consumer experience—google new doodle

If you enter into today(not 100% sure if it is also so for its .com site), you will come across a new google doodle with Olympic theme, which you possibly won’t be surprised. All in all, it is kind of tradition.


What makes the thing bit different is what happen next after you finish a game.


You will possibly get a gold medal, flash version, no matter how your performance looks like and by click the search button, the interface next will show you a whole bunch of interesting info, like:

1 the leader board of the game;

2. Olympic schedule for this sport;

3. images, videos, etc.

All related info and content had been put together to provide a one stop information center.

This presents a good progress vs, its previous versions. In the old way, it is just a funny picture or an easy game, but the new version inject into more meaningful content.

1. obviously because of Olympic, the channel gets more relevant content that of people’s current interests instead of a wikipedia like info only;

2. the leader board plus the G+ button will lead this into a social sharing environment and get more reach to a wider population;

3. It leverages the “game” concept, a simple device yet funny experience, also tie in Olympic theme.


The whole process is quite engaging and appealing. The information are relevant and ties in the daily topic. The social sharing components in it obviously is the highlight.

Google, as always, ride on the trend and stand on top of the tide to offer a better and better consumer experience to strengthen its market leadership. What makes it so unique is the fact that they are constantly doing that.

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Aussies win over Yanks

Finally find something that Australia kangaroos won over yankees—How deep they have been indulged with brand messages on facebook.

This is based on the research by ExactTarget, early this year click here:

There are some interesting info:

–“But while Facebook marketing might resonate with Australians, the research revealed that email marketing was still the most effective in connecting with consumers. “

–“This compares to 16% of Facebook consumers who have made a purchase after receiving a marketing message on Facebook.”

–“The figures were lower for Twitter, with 6% of online consumers saying they interacted with brands on Twitter and 5% of those having made a purchase after receiving a marketing message.”

–“However a whopping 55% of Australian consumers say they have followed a brand on Twitter to stay up-to-date with a company’s products, services or offerings, compared to 35% in the U.K.”


Except  the effectiveness of email, the other insight reflected in the research are not such a surprise for me.

–Aussie seems to be the market that some “traditional” marketing approaches still work well. Every week, my mail box is piled up with DMs, all sorts of…

–It is interesting also that house wife and elder groups get more penetration rate as for the usage of facebook or twitter. compared with peer countries, seems Aussie wives and grannies get more time in “social-ing”, or get more fragmentized time to consume.

–Generally speaking, people here enjoy more a “social” life.


to be continued.. 

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Leakage #1

westpac bank

This is rare but truly really happened.

Last Friday, as I entered into Westpac Modbuy Branch to kick off my secret project for banking to fill my knowledge gap, I originally only expect to open a new account with Westpac.

But found something interesting.

The in branch TV was on air a commbank Ad.

I remembered my response then was to immediately looked around to make sure I was in a Westpac branch.

Potentially there r thousands reasons for that to happen. The TV was offered by the other company who earned $ for advertising and thus offered free TV to banks. Or it was on air a TV program or etc.

But to have a competitor’s advertising in your own territory, by all means, is not acceptable… 

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Facebook new home page advertisement


Not sure start from when, but just found that the home page (login page) of Facebook embedded with advertisement.

I am sure what it means. As for me, I love those days that the landing page used to be clean and clear and all you need to do is just to simply key in your name and password and done..

You still can login through that page, the entry form are still there, but, it is just not facebook, it is Testra now.

Does Facebook run short of $ due to recent stock price crush?

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good creative yet not the right environment

photo 3

This photo for Canon’s advertisement was taken on the road home where stopped nearby the bus. I should pass by without noticing this if not for the red traffic light.

I think this creative is ok, the unique selling point is ok, anti-fog is of value to consumer and innovative. And overall, the design tells the story and the selling line.

But given a majority of the visual is masked by the fog, as part of the creative and as the key part related to the USP, it has a foreseeable disastrous result for the effectiveness. –Does that clear enough if the bus is driving at 20KM/H? Whose eyesight will be good enough to catch sight of that and get the hint?

At my first glance, I thought it was the dust…

This could be a good print ad, yet not on bus…

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The higher you climb on the mountain, th

The higher you climb on the mountain, the harder if you expect to advance. But also, the more beautiful landscape you will see.

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Load me if you can Always remember one q

Load me if you can
Always remember one quote: Those can’t defeat you will make you stronger.
So, let them rain…

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