RIM’s new bite People recently talked a

RIM’s new bite
People recently talked about the “wake up” campaign, which got a surprised twist when RIM said it’s them, not Samsung behind that black bus.
What a surprise….
As a marketer, I would say:
1) if I were Samsung, I will say “no comments” instead of “not us” before RIM jumped out of the box. Samsung seemed to earn a lot from this since all the suspicion went to them. It is not quick hard to think, all in all, Samsung recent Quarter took over Apple and reclaimed #1 leadership. They got every reason to do that.
The real thing is, if they are not the one who pay the bill to the “wakers”, and before RIM confessed to the public, they can leverage on this by “keep silence”. The more suspicion, the better buzz for Samsung….
Keep yourself secret and mysterious, to some degree, could build up expectation.

2) if I were RIM, I won’t do that.
2.1, this is not such a big shock since Apple has been the national’s enemy already, and it is not the first time someone gathered before their stores. From a creative point of view, it is even not as creative as Apple’s “1984” Ad or the “Mac Air” ad. Not impressive at all!. Also, the nature of this flash mob stuff is quite momentary, can be a buzz for a week, yet not last long till the moment you plan to buy a new hand set.
2.2. Strategically, unless quite a few occasions you really need to fight in this way, I will not support to enter a field that you can only win when below 2 conditions achieved at the same time i. successfully diminish the competitor’s image, ii, establish own brand’s image on top of the ash.. One is hard to achieve already, let alone 2. A result most likely to happen is that you successfully mock somebody but nobody remember you. What a tragedy.
2.3. Rather, what RIM should do is to leverage its existing equity, stretch that, find a unique positioning that supported by its historic asset yet fulfill consumer’s emerging needs, at the same time, erode competitor’s base. It is more to complement to the market instead of directly swallowing the share.
For me, what RIM is doing today, not sufficiently utilise what they are strong with. i am afraid they might not be capable of shouldering such a big ambition. Or, it is not a good starting point.
2.4 as Andy Lark said, RIM really need killer products to invigorate its brand and boost up market share. It is a long journey, yet if it really wants sustainable growth, it is the only right way. in the end of day, product usability is the fundamental value for consumer.
2.5 In essence, RIM should go beyond a simple creative idea to address their business and strategy issue. They overwhelmed their image too much, yet only earned a slight chance to win over.
I hate RIM go, but time is counting down and they need smart move…


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