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Root reasons of social disturbance

甘地说:“贫穷才是最糟糕的暴力。毁灭人类的七种事是:没有原则的政治,没有牺牲的崇拜,没有人性的科学,没有道德的商业,没有是非的知识,没有良知的快乐,没有劳动的富裕 I fully agree with this.   While when we exam into the realities in China, we are so astonished to find that these are truly happening in China. Advertisements

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推荐 《网瘾战争》

For long I thought that the 80s are someone who has no dream, no vision, no efforts, and no patience. While, the video recently enjoyed a popularity has shown the creativeness, energy and execution power of this generation. Every generation … Continue reading

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