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If I am the CXO of P

Recently we are working on the S  plan for next year. And basically, it is beautiful written by us. But as i look into the issues we are facing, maybe we could write another one. I would list the following … Continue reading

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Fast moving

Experience these days proves again what we mean by "fast moving". Actually, we are constantly poping out those things NEVER being testified or researched or deeply thought or ever being checked twice.I understood that is life of FMCG. And surely, … Continue reading

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今天出门,看到一堆堆的小朋友在路边等校车~来到办公室,打开电脑,看到我们的record high,想起来,暑假结束了。我们的好日子,也要没了~

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so, here we go

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