Better and integrated consumer experience—google new doodle

If you enter into today(not 100% sure if it is also so for its .com site), you will come across a new google doodle with Olympic theme, which you possibly won’t be surprised. All in all, it is kind of tradition.


What makes the thing bit different is what happen next after you finish a game.


You will possibly get a gold medal, flash version, no matter how your performance looks like and by click the search button, the interface next will show you a whole bunch of interesting info, like:

1 the leader board of the game;

2. Olympic schedule for this sport;

3. images, videos, etc.

All related info and content had been put together to provide a one stop information center.

This presents a good progress vs, its previous versions. In the old way, it is just a funny picture or an easy game, but the new version inject into more meaningful content.

1. obviously because of Olympic, the channel gets more relevant content that of people’s current interests instead of a wikipedia like info only;

2. the leader board plus the G+ button will lead this into a social sharing environment and get more reach to a wider population;

3. It leverages the “game” concept, a simple device yet funny experience, also tie in Olympic theme.


The whole process is quite engaging and appealing. The information are relevant and ties in the daily topic. The social sharing components in it obviously is the highlight.

Google, as always, ride on the trend and stand on top of the tide to offer a better and better consumer experience to strengthen its market leadership. What makes it so unique is the fact that they are constantly doing that.


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