Aussies win over Yanks

Finally find something that Australia kangaroos won over yankees—How deep they have been indulged with brand messages on facebook.

This is based on the research by ExactTarget, early this year click here:

There are some interesting info:

–“But while Facebook marketing might resonate with Australians, the research revealed that email marketing was still the most effective in connecting with consumers. “

–“This compares to 16% of Facebook consumers who have made a purchase after receiving a marketing message on Facebook.”

–“The figures were lower for Twitter, with 6% of online consumers saying they interacted with brands on Twitter and 5% of those having made a purchase after receiving a marketing message.”

–“However a whopping 55% of Australian consumers say they have followed a brand on Twitter to stay up-to-date with a company’s products, services or offerings, compared to 35% in the U.K.”


Except  the effectiveness of email, the other insight reflected in the research are not such a surprise for me.

–Aussie seems to be the market that some “traditional” marketing approaches still work well. Every week, my mail box is piled up with DMs, all sorts of…

–It is interesting also that house wife and elder groups get more penetration rate as for the usage of facebook or twitter. compared with peer countries, seems Aussie wives and grannies get more time in “social-ing”, or get more fragmentized time to consume.

–Generally speaking, people here enjoy more a “social” life.


to be continued.. 


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