This is bold! This is Cool! And awesome.

This is bold! This is Cool! And awesome. To have your friend’s name on a
Coke bottle, and share with him/her. What a merry idea…

Beverage giant Coke recently launched a massive campaign in Australia named
“share a Coke”, which build on the core idea of “sharing” underneath the
brand equity of “open happiness” and enfold into multi layers of marketing

The big idea is, if you know/love/miss/have a crush on X, then share a Coke
with X.

Yes, this is such simple, but obviously more than a simple slogan.

In store, Coke bottles with 150 different names like Alex/Jane etc are
available and believe or not, shoppers are really searching around to
find the names they expected. (there is also a luck draw for

If you can’t find your name, you could visit their kiosks in each
state. By telling them the name, the Coke staff will print a label and
stick it onto a Coke can for you. See the attached picture of mine.
Believe or not, I did wait for nearly 1 hour in the queue to get this.

If, unfortunately, you have no time to visit their kiosks, you still
could share a Virtual Can with you friend with Coke’s facebook APP

And also, consumer could also upload their photos and enter into
another competition in which the winner’s photo will be shown in
Coke’s new Ad and be known by millions of people…(“give us your best

There could be so much to say about this campaign, but fundamentally,
the “sharing” thing is definitely not something so “fresh”. But Coke
successfully leverage this insight into marketing initiatives. By
incorporating individual uniqueness, as expressed via different names,
into the classic bottles design, the “old” coke takes on a new look,
and the emotional bond, which is invaluable, has become individual and
personalised and thus been strengthened. And the social media viral
campaign surely will contribute to the “coolness” of the brand and
help to generate the brand social currency and scatter the brand new

It also should be noted that by promoting “sharing”, this campaign
actually help push consumer’s hot button of buying by offering a
reason for purchase, which is a much more significant emotional
trigger than pure promotion like lucky draw competition or buy one get
one free discount. And from a business perspective, “sharing” presents
far more sales opportunities than “solo enjoyment”.

If there must be something that could be improved, maybe, it is the
“give us your best shot”. As for me, the “share” campaign has been
powerful enough and don’t need extra content to fill in. And the “give
us your best shot” is a little bit far away from the “share a coke”
key message. It could be a separate campaign, could be as powerful as
the “share a coke” campaign, or louder.But currently, have these two
programs running at the same time simply diluted the latter.
(similarly, the “get your freeze on” program on facebook is bit of
distracting and really not necessary at this stage. ) I am not sure
why the brand manager didn’t save this idea for next year.

Seldom did we find any campaign that integrate the business
objective/strategy, consumer insight, creative strategy, multi
dimension of marketing reaches, and etc so well. It ticks every box
and nearly perfect.

As a marketer, I personally expect that at least once in my career in
my life, I have the opportunity to initiate and lead such a
Btw, are there position opening in Coke?


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