facebook’s new face

People recently logined into facebook could easily see the dramastic change that facebook has made. Yes, it is much much much crowd now.
1. previously, "twitter", listed as "status" now are organized together, in a one by one manner. Previously, you could only see the last status and now, you could see them piled up.
2. many widgets are plants now in the right side column, marked as hot spot.
3. and several adjustment in the header place.
The most ridiculus change is the emphasis on those twitter. So frequently, you could see a looooooooooooong list of dialogue of such a topic that rooted from a phrase of feelings, comments, remarks, etc and etc. And  you could see the support button beneath that.
Why facebook is so passionated in such twitters? Previously, they didn’t center around this.
When we checked the left column, you could see that the blog button is actually placed under the video or photo part.
This provides hints.
Blog is more a complete work than a twitter, which ususally is only around 1 or 2 sentence. Which means:
1. you need to spend long time in compose a blog, while in twitter, seconds are enough;
2. you need to think systematically before you could compose a blog with fairy a reasonable length, while in twitter, only seconds, because you are drawing several lines at most in most cases.
3. you need to expect your read to spend longer time in reading, while, in twitter, it is only a glance’s time.
Which means,
Twitter is easier;
Twitter is flexibler;
Twitter could be at a higher frequency;
And thus should be more people willing to write.
Which means,
facebook could get more traffic
facebook could be more sticky to targeting audience
The cost is, the interface is crowd, true, it is the cost side. Every one in facebook is now complain it, but after days when they get accustomed, there will be no issue.

Implication for marketers:
1. consumer are lazy dogs, don’t expect them to spend long time in doing some thing, like take 10 minutes to write a blog.Nor write an article for your brand or service.
2. when more content, previous emerging or exsisting under the format of blog, a much longer article, are replaced by a much shorter form, the message to communicate and how to communicate will need to be changed as well. Sorry, so far, no idea to cope with it.
3. when consumer are more "fragiled" as more information fragments are emerging, how to reach their tipping point. It is an art. Remember, you can’t buy the media, as represented by internet meda, as you did with TV media. The former gets huge amount of information that expose to consumer and the latter is a relatively limited quantity of information.
4. last, sadly, you need to cope with it.


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