most difficuit IELTS writing

1.Some people think that universities should provide knowledge and
skills related to future career. Others think the true function of the
university is to give access to knowledge for its own sake. What is
your opinion?

  2.The unpaid community service should be a necessary part in high
college programs (such as helping your neighbor or teaching the
children sports or working for the charity).To what extent do you agree
or disagree?

  3.Nowadays, some people claim that public museums and art
galleries will not be needed because people can see historical objects
and works by using computer. Do you agree or disagree?

  4.Some experts say that children’s studying English at primary
school is better than their studying English at secondary school. Do
you think its advantages outweigh its disadvantages?

  5.At present, science is developing at a high speed, but people still have a high opinion of artists. What’s your opinion?

  6.More and more measures to improve the security in the urban area
have been introduced because of the increased crime. Do the benefits of
the measures outweigh the drawbacks?

  7.Some people believe that history is little or nothing to people.
Others think that people must study history to understand the present.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.

  8.Earlier technological development brought more benefits changes
to the life of ordinary people than the recent technological
development does. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  9.In order to learn a language well, we should also learn about
the country as well as the cultures and lifestyles of the people who
speak it. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  10.Some people think that increasing business and cultural
contacts have positive influences on development; others think that
they have negative effects on national identities. Discuss both views
and give your opinion.

  11.Leisure is a growing industry. Nowadays, more modern technology
is used in entertainment, which may lead people to be less creative. Do
you agree or disagree?

  12.Advertising encourages consumers to buy in quantity rather than in quality. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  13.The government thinks that education system should be up to
date. Following are a list of the subjects taught in school. Which two
do you think are the most important subjects and which one is the least
important to the young people? literature, sports, mathematics,
economics, physics, music, psychology, history, geography and foreign

  14.An American film actor once said, “Tomorrow is important and
precious.” Some people think individuals and society should pay more
attention to the future than to the present. Do you agree?

  15.Old generations often hold some traditional ideas on the
correct way of life, thinking and behavior. Most people argue that it
is not helpful for the young generations to prepare for modern life in
the future. What is your opinion?


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