Who is competing with who?

What do you think is the competitor of McD? KFC? Pizza hut? DaliangShuijiao? ZhengGongFu?

Could be, could not be!

Depends on what angle you are looking at.

McD, in Europe, used to be regarded as the competitor of Burger King, but things easily be changed.

First comes McD to launch an espresso drink, where is the traditional war field for Starbucks. Any way, it is not fresh. Since Starbucks starts to lower down the price of the coffee, McD must hate them very much. Surely Mcd want to give a big shock to SB as well.


So comes of Mcd to fight back. Maybe Mcd expect those coffee fans could enter Mcd, to have a small cup of coffee, which is actually the side biz of Mcd, and, with some food, which is actually the main business of Mcd.

Which is quite interesting.

And Starbucks’s reaction. Sure, they fight back,

er, undressed……囧rt


Ok, just joke. The left logo is for the new sub-brand, or brand, of starbucks, Pike Place Roast, to support a new brew.

Basically, the new logo is origined from the old green hairy lady one, but undress her. 🙂


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