Google new Initiatives

recently find a new link which shows a Google UK new initiative. Actually, Google invites famious brands and artists like Tim Yip etc, to create the banner for iGoogle. Consumer thus could select any visual theme and introduce into their own iGoogle home page. Those designers of the banner includes lux brands like DG, and also famious designers like the designer of ATongMu, Tezuka Osamu, (手塚治虫).

Actually, I think it is part of the themes that featured in Google. Check this,, we could find that Google has vast amount of banner theme for consumer to select.


Agenda Inc believe that such is part of the improvement of brand exposure that Lux brand is tieing in the internet trends.

But when we check those themes that ranked by "hotest", we could obviously see that the one most prefered by consumer, is actually not the ones those celebrities and lux brands provided. Which means,

1. even lux brand are trying to be closer to the consumer, those consumer, internet users specifically, do not take it.

2. a little lack of knowhow on internet behaviour and how UI/Visual impact and attract the consumer.

3. whether lux brand get the fitness and the right to go on line are still questions.

No matter what the result is, the winner is google again, prove itself to be a fashionable brand.


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