If I am the CXO of P

Recently we are working on the S  plan for next year. And basically, it is beautiful written by us. But as i look into the issues we are facing, maybe we could write another one.
I would list the following as our strategic focus:
1. new items like those really release the barry of consumption. Need to be very skillful since most of the current business still lie in those garbage sector. We won’t destroy ourselves. Flavor variety simply won’t work as you walking along a product line with more than ten varieties.
2. start to build into emotional factors. Something more than flavor, more than chips. Those could light your fire of imagination, those sharpen your eyes.Actually, we don’t own a single platform, like music for Pepsico, Tennis for Heniken etc. We need to at least start to explore.
3. enter  TT part,  geography expansion. need to cut down margin to some degree.
4. re-organize the media communication. Attitude driven rather than product driven. Could thought of some beyond-the-way communication vehicles. Like mobile.


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