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Actually these things are happening around us now and truly influencing marketing practice.
95, when win95 released, I think it is none of my business because I am
a EE bachelor then. That year, I first catch sight of a real elevator.

 And Y97, I registered first email account.
99, google flash into my life
04, start blog,
06, blackberry widely used in company’s managements.
"second life" wins fever among young generation and earth gets its
first resident who exchang her virtual assets in real gold.

It is only ten years. How life changes.
The only thing is that we are too conservative, too out of fashion.
Year end of 06, 3 dimension TV appears, you could find in Metro and Armani.
As you walk into subway, usually you could find somebody play with MP4, or PSP, gaming or enjoying music.

And college students knows that 20RMB wil enable them to surf wireless with their mobile with no time limitaton for a month.
What we could expect next? Once we predict, it will turn to be true all in a suddent or just fall out of date.

In the marketing councile, I am so touched by you, that "marketing
is the work that you possiblly do everything right, but the result is
not accpetable. ". Marketing is really donkey’s business.
We are
studying consumer need and try to find something to fill the gap, while
, possiblly, consumer might never listen from us, nor give us the
chance to get exposed. A so cool stuff like Apple Shuffle, market life
is less than 18 nonths, I think it has already been a good record. How
could consumer stick to certain kinds of flavors of Stax? 6 months?
Which means the day we start shipment is near the day we start to think
of clear out. To plus inventory in WH, supplier inventory and safety
inventory already count to 5 or above months. we depreciated the
additional machine for Premium Delights within 10 years timeline, but
could we believe that Premium Delights will last to 10 years?

Marketing need time to get alert of, digest and thus to react on
certain kinds of things happening around, while world just won’t stay
on a fixed point. I will foresee, more and more, we will need to bet
instead of organized calculation before action is taken.
Maybe, all we could do, is, to close watch, keep alerted, and bet, at necessary times. Another marketer’s tragedy? 🙂


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