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Mobile search definitely will have brilliant future, but which player could win, it still need time to find.
As for in China, we still have questions like:
1. What is mobile search? by mobile, by sms, by wap or etc?
2. How to dig deeper for the consumer’s behavior thus provide more useful search results to consumer?
3. How to solve the issue of small screen.

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One Response to mobile search

  1. says:

    1. The way how we do the search is not very important, but holding a wap website seems to be much cheaper.
    2. For sure you should dig deeper, every thing we can from the sonsumer, not only their search history and how they use their mobile(  recently sended message, location and/or call frequency etc.) Otherwise it\’s just like online search and you will face google, yahoo, Live and baidu….
    3. The small screen, it\’s NOKIA Moto\’s work. What you can do, use SDK and set font based on screen.( It means based on the screen, you can only have 60 char, nothing more)

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